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  • Our company has been disinfecting for bacteria and viruses for many years prior to COVID-19. There are many questions that come with disinfecting services.
  • Is my facility safe for employees after disinfecting has been completed?
  • Do you use disinfectants that are harsh or corrosive?
  • Is it safe for my employees/customers once it has been sprayed/fogged into the facility?
  • Is it safe in food service environments?
  • Is it safe for my employees/customers to touch the surfaces where disinfectant has been applied?
  • Do I only need to disinfect touch points?
  • What type of disinfecting machines do you use? And are they effective for all applications?
  • Is electrostatic disinfection the best way?
  • Is it effective to put disinfectant in a bug sprayer and hose down touch points?
  • Is it good enough to only target touch points?
  • Aren't viruses and bacteria airborne as well?
  • Will your methods kill airborne bacteria?
  • Is there such thing as a "one method fits all" approach to disinfecting, or do various machines serve differing purposes?
  • We did not jump on the disinfecting bandwagon after COVID-19 came around, but we have been disinfecting for years prior to its arrival. We can answer all of these questions, and also discuss the best methods for your facility.

Call us at 513-908-7600 or request a quote and we will set up a time to answer all of your questions.

Disinfectant Fogging
Disinfectant Fogging a Forklift
Disinfectant Fogging